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Hong Kong is fortunate to benefit from infrastructure developed and managed by advanced technology entities and dedicated government departments. The Environmental Protection Department, for example, carries out air pollution analysis; the Observatory collects, studies and disseminates weather data; the Highways Department is responsible for roadworks; and the Transport Department takes care of traffic management. 繼續閱讀


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早前人力資源顧問公司HAYS的調查顯示,本地僱主認為最難招聘的員工是資訊科技人才。故此,日前港府推出為期3年的「科技人才入境計劃」,簡化申請手續和減省所需時間,讓一間企業每年最多可獲批100名配額,可申請的行業類別全是目前炙手可熱的生物科技、人工智能、網絡安全、機械人、大數據、金融科技和材料科學等。配合本年度《財政預算案》中提及過的巨額投資,令人對香港創科前景充滿期待。這個計劃較特別的是,規定申請公司每聘用3名非本地人才時,須另外聘用1名本地全職僱員和2名本地實習生,他們全部須從事科技相關工作,鼓勵企業兼顧培訓本地人才。 繼續閱讀

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Early last year, I started teaching a Master’s degree program for students from different professions, backgrounds, and nationalities at the University of Hong Kong on how smart cities can improve people’s lives through technology. This is the second year of the course. In the last lesson at the end of April, the students had to choose a smart city to analyze its characteristics and compare it with Hong Kong, and most importantly, to make recommendations for the development of our city. 繼續閱讀

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去年初重踏教壇,跟來自不同行業、背景和國籍的碩士學生,一起在香港大學研討智慧城市如何以科技改善生活,今年已是第二屆。來到4月底的最後一課,同學要選一個城市分析它的特性,再跟香港對比,看看可以借鑑之處。 繼續閱讀

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The International Monetary Fund expects that Hong Kong’s GDP per capita will reach US$46,000 (about HK$360,000) by 2018, ranking 20th in the world, higher than New Zealand, France, and the United Kingdom. However, in the World Happiness Report released by the United Nations earlier this year, Hong Kong’s ranking remains disappointing, down five places from last year to the 76th. 繼續閱讀

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貴為電訊公司Vodafone 德國行政總裁的Hannes Ametsreiter日前撰文,指50多歲的他正和其他高層人員學習編寫電腦程式,導師是公司內的年輕員工。一如學習語文不等於要做作家,學編程也不一定做程式員,但他認為學編程是擁抱數碼時代的重要一步。 繼續閱讀

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Tsinghua University and LinkedIn, a professional social networking platform, has recently released The China Digital Economy Talent Report. The study finds a huge talent gap in newly emerged fields such as big data analysis and digital marketing. The shortage of training expertise in emerging technologies and innovations is also severe. 繼續閱讀