Hong Kong on course to become a smart city – ejinsight



The government has demonstrated its determination to develop Hong Kong as an innovation powerhouse. In the latest budget announcement, an impressive funding allocation of over HK$50 billion, a fivefold increase over last year, has been allocated for innovation and technology. 繼續閱讀

HK should look to overseas experience when creating eID – China Daily



Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor mentioned in her Policy Address that the government hoped to develop Hong Kong into a smart city, with implementing an electronic identity (eID) a priority. Prioritizing eID implementation is certainly the right move as it is the backbone of a smart city. An officially recognized eID can help the public carry out various online activities; it also facilitates the government’s promotion of electronic government services. Compared with pioneers such as Estonia and Singapore, Hong Kong is a laggard in the application of this technology. But being a late starter could be an advantage in the sense that the city can take a short cut by learning from successful foreign experiences. 繼續閱讀

各國推動智能數碼身份 – 信報財經新聞, StartUpBeat



以「智慧國家」為目標的新加坡現正邁向更先進的電子身份領域,獅城的全新國家數碼身份(National Digital Identity)是一個手機程式,以加密方式驗證網上身份,並可憑此簽署文件和進行多種網上交易,例如醫療和銀行服務,令人不用再牢記在不同機構使用的名稱和密碼。該程式現正進行為期6個月的測試,預計3年內正式實施,代替2003年推出的SingPass。 繼續閱讀

愛沙尼亞電子身份堪借鑑 – 信報財經新聞, StartUpBeat




政府在剛公布的《施政報告》提到要發展智慧城市,其中推行「數碼個人身份」(eID)是重點之一。這實在切中要點,因為eID是智慧城市的推進器,官方認可的eID可便利市民進行各種網上活動,也方便政府推進電子政府服務。究竟世界各地的推行情況如何?有沒有可借鑑的地方? 繼續閱讀