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French President Emmanuel Macron announced his nation’s aim to catch up with the US and China on artificial intelligence (AI) by spending 1.5 billion euro (HK$13.7 billion) within the next five years. The success of AI development, however, depends on people’s trust as AI involves many privacy issues. Trust between the government and the public is crucial, Macron noted. 繼續閱讀

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人工智能(AI)已被視為驅動世界未來發展的關鍵,縱然歐美以私人企業主導,中國以國家政策帶動,核心都是尖端的人才。騰訊研究院去年12月發佈的《全球人工智能人才白皮書》,指全球AI人才約30萬,市場需求卻以百萬計,每年相關學科的畢業生約兩萬,遠未能滿足需求。 繼續閱讀

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各地政府和機構一方面大聲疾呼人才不足,另一方面卻有研究報告表示,許多地方未有人盡其才。世界經濟論壇《2017年全球人力資本報告》指出,評估的130個國家中,僅有25個能較充分運用人才,即所謂人力資源運用率達到70%或以上;大部分國家都處於50%至70%,有14個國家更低於五成。報告認為,很多國家其實不乏人才,只是缺乏新技能培訓,或資源配置不理想,令人才未有充分發揮的機會。 繼續閱讀

A dedicated department is needed for geospatial policy – Harbour Times



From searching for the shortest road to destinations, helping co-ordinate search and rescue operations, locating lost children or elderly absquatulaters, to tracking the real-time location of buses and facilitating the future autonomous vehicles, geospatial data or location-based service now plays an essential role in our daily life, businesses and the society as a whole. 繼續閱讀

Data transparency promotes trust between public and authorities – China Daily



The smart lamppost project, an important pilot program of the smart city development in Hong Kong, will collect a lot of data such as on air pollution and traffic. However, public concern over their privacy being intruded on has recently been heightened by Facebook’s leakage of customer data. How can the government gain the trust of people? I think enhancing transparency and opening the data related to people’s everyday activities will certainly help. The past experiences from both local and overseas events tell us transparency can not only reduce bias but also help facilitate rational public discussion. 繼續閱讀

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Hong Kong is fortunate to benefit from infrastructure developed and managed by advanced technology entities and dedicated government departments. The Environmental Protection Department, for example, carries out air pollution analysis; the Observatory collects, studies and disseminates weather data; the Highways Department is responsible for roadworks; and the Transport Department takes care of traffic management. 繼續閱讀

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早前人力資源顧問公司HAYS的調查顯示,本地僱主認為最難招聘的員工是資訊科技人才。故此,日前港府推出為期3年的「科技人才入境計劃」,簡化申請手續和減省所需時間,讓一間企業每年最多可獲批100名配額,可申請的行業類別全是目前炙手可熱的生物科技、人工智能、網絡安全、機械人、大數據、金融科技和材料科學等。配合本年度《財政預算案》中提及過的巨額投資,令人對香港創科前景充滿期待。這個計劃較特別的是,規定申請公司每聘用3名非本地人才時,須另外聘用1名本地全職僱員和2名本地實習生,他們全部須從事科技相關工作,鼓勵企業兼顧培訓本地人才。 繼續閱讀