A central information platform will boost govt decision making – China Daily



The public was infuriated by the traffic chaos as they went to work the day after Super Typhoon Mangkhut hit the city last month. Many people had to wait for hours before they could get on a public transport vehicle as service on many bus routes and some MTR lines was suspended due to facility damage caused by the typhoon. Many employees struggled to complete their journeys to work and then again on their way home. The government was blamed for not issuing a work suspension order.



Hong Kong lags behind in opening up data – ejinsight



My trip to the United States to participate in the Esri User Conference in July was very fruitful. The five-day conference showcased new geographic information system (GlS) applications for 18,000 GIS users around the world. Some countries are taking advantage of information technology to gap-jump their development, which is very impressive. 繼續閱讀

Data-driven discussion, bottom-up approach key to smart city – ejinsight



Urban planning has become a public concern. “Brownfield sites" and “big debate on land supply" have become common terms in the news in Hong Kong. Engaging in a public discussion that could lead to consensus on the way forward shows the maturity of a city. To make the discussions more rational and effective, data analysis is a must. 繼續閱讀