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About two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by 2050, according to the UN. The increase in demand for services in these areas will pose great challenges to governments. To meet them, we need smart and sustainable urban planning, and strategies that ensure prosperity is shared among all social classes. 繼續閱讀

Let’s catch up with Singapore in boosting startups, Mr (or Mrs) Chief Executive – Harbour Times



The Global Competitiveness Report 2016–2017 released in late September by the World Economic Forum ranked Hong Kong as the 9th most competitive, down two positions from last year, while Singapore remained a strong number two for the sixth year in a row, also the highest in the region. Shortly afterwards, a professional accounting body, CPA Australia, expressed its concerns regarding Hong Kong after reviewing its economic sentiment survey. Fifty-six per cent of its respondents anticipated a decline in Hong Kong’s competitiveness next year. Ouch. 繼續閱讀

智慧城市以人為本 – 信報財經新聞,StartUpBeat



政府年底開展智慧城市藍圖的顧問研究,目標是為香港未來城市發展制訂整體方向和標準,包括資訊通訊科技的基建、公私營合作的模式等。我們這個民間非牟利組織「智慧城市聯盟」(Smart City Consortium,簡稱SCC)早於8月便開始歷時5個星期的諮詢,向公眾和業界收集意見,並於10月初完成中期報告提交當局,希望為政府提供有力的參考。 繼續閱讀