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The 2017 Policy Address and the 2017-18 Budget will soon be released in January and February respectively.

For a long time, Hong Kong has been troubled by problems such as lack of upward mobility for young people, a shortage of usable land, a widening gap between the rich and the poor, a lack of diversity in business sector and slow economic growth. During the past year, I have been exchanging views with members of Smart City Consortium, experts and organisations in the field. The realisation of Smart City could provide answers for many of the challenges Hong Kong faces. The measures to be proposed in the Policy Address and the Budget could benefit from these recommendations: 繼續閱讀

給香港一個智慧未來 – 信報財經新聞,StartUpBeat


踏入2017年,新一年度的《施政報告》和《財政預算案》即將公布。香港已被年輕人向上流動力不足、土地短缺、貧富差距惡化、產業單一、經濟缺乏增長動力等問題困擾多時。過去一年來,筆者跟智慧城市聯盟的團隊、專家和機構保持互動交流,深刻體會到智慧城市可以成為政府草擬解決方案的指南針,因此對《施政報告》和《財政預算案》有以下期望: 繼續閱讀

Pokémon GO 與 GIS – 信報財經新聞,StartUpBeat


Pokémon GO引發全球熱潮,香港版本雖較遲開放但依然反應熱烈。不知大家現在已捉到多少隻小精靈?升到哪一級?又走了多少公里的路呢?筆者俗務纏身,看見年輕朋友玩得熱火朝天亦只有羨慕份兒,不過仍然對這個遊戲感覺特別親切。這種感覺卻不是因為童年回憶,而是由於它的玩法是建基於筆者的老本行──電子地圖。 繼續閱讀