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The over 50-year-old CEO of Vodafone Germany Hannes Ametsreiter has recently been learning how to write apps or coding with all his executives. He said that this is a skill that every Germany’s top executive should learn in order to “embrace digital". This is the mindset of striving for continuous improvement that enables Germany to maintain its leadership in advanced technology for centuries. 繼續閱讀


Let’s get prepared for autonomous vehicles – ejinsight



Despite the recent Uber fatal crash which has drawn worldwide attention to safety issues pertaining to autonomous vehicles (AVs), I believe the vehicles will gain ground and remain an epoch-making trend that will upheave our lifestyle. 繼續閱讀

應由專責部門處理地理空間資訊 – 信報財經新聞, StartUpBeat



過去兩周都在這裏談論智慧燈柱內加設收發準確定位資訊功能的重要性,有朋友笑我有「職業病」。誠然,我接受的訓練是地理資訊系統,很明白這些眼看不到、手觸不及的資源,威力如何強大,不但可以改善生活,更可以改變世界。 繼續閱讀

智慧燈柱應備專業空間數據 – 信報財經新聞, StartUpBeat



內地專家王志勤稱,我們和第五代流動電話網絡(5G)是「漸行漸近」,預期中國今年底會「預商用」,為即將投入市場準備就緒,到2020年正式推出市場。全球都在商業化上競逐,南韓和美國便計劃搶先在明年下半年推出市場──今年初平昌冬奧期間,南韓車廠成功試驗了由首爾到平昌170公里的無人駕駛;美國預期今年底5G覆蓋的城市達十多個,其中得州的達拉斯市和韋科市,以及喬治亞州的亞特蘭大是率先推出的3個城巿。 繼續閱讀

Are you ready for autonomous vehicles? – ITU News



Many of the world’s major automobile manufacturers and top tech companies are pursuing plans to launch autonomous vehicles (AVs). Despite the recent Uber crash in the United States, I believe AV safety can be improved and that autonomous vehicles will be an epoch-making trend that will bring tremendous changes to our lifestyle. 繼續閱讀

Hong Kong needs cooperation with China to become a talent hub – Harbour Times



A commentary in a local newspaper by retired People’s Bank of China (PBOC) governor Zhou Xiaochuan suggests Hong Kong should continue to be a testing ground in experimenting new regulatory approaches and technologies for China through which the government can identify measures for closing regulatory loopholes in the financial sector. 繼續閱讀

HK well-positioned to tap into RegTech opportunities – China Daily



The US subprime crisis has petered out over the past decade. Yet, its impact on the global financial markets is here to stay. The biggest effect was perhaps on the regulatory front. For example, financial institutions have paid over $150 billion in fines in the US as of mid-last year, and over 300 people, including community bankers, mortgage lenders, real estate brokers and developers were convicted as a result of misconducting during the financial crisis in 2007, according to the Financial Times. 繼續閱讀