HK’s CE Smart City Dashboard: 3 levels to win the game – Harbour Times




Recently, Convener of the Executive Council Bernard Charnwut Chan reviewed the city management performance during Typhoon Mangkhut in a local newspaper. He recalled that “the Observatory, the police, other government departments and transportation operators have all released news updates, but we do not have a one-stop platform for people to check the status of bus, MTR, road conditions and public facilities". Therefore, he believes that “it may be a good time to study how the government can collect and use real-time updates on traffic and other service disruptions." 繼續閱讀

Making SAR a ‘future ready’ smart city requires govt, firms and people to work together – China Daily



The World Economic Forum (WEF) has repeatedly reminded us that the Fourth Industrial Revolution driven by artificial intelligence and big data will bring tremendous changes to the world. To survive this chaotic transition, individuals, governments and enterprises must plan ahead and work together. 繼續閱讀

內地智慧城市競爭激烈 – 信報財經新聞, StartUpBeat