Pandemic offers an opportunity for the city to boost young people’s interest in innovation – South China Morning Post



The new secretary for innovation and technology, Alfred Sit Wing-hang, has proposed a “bridge of innovation and technology" that comprises three elements: collaboration, communication and an innovation talent pool. The last element no doubt represents the most critical and challenging task (“New faces Carrie Lam has enlisted to help Hong Kong tackle Covid-19 impact", April 22). 繼續閱讀

How to keep calm amid the pandemic – EJ Insight



We don’t know when the Covid-19 pandemic will end, but many experts are asking us to be prepared for a long lasting war. David Ho, the world’s famous AIDS researcher who is currently developing a treatment for Covid-19, confessed that the virus would be troubling us for longer than envisaged, just like the widespread of smallpox in the past which took 20 years for humans to completely wipe it out.


Crisis revives moral questions about survival – South China Morning Post



The Covid-19 mortality rate in Italy is over 12 per cent, the world’s highest, partly due to its rapidly ageing population, with 23 per cent of citizens aged 65 or older. Yet Japan, the world’s No. 1 ageing country, has a Covid-19 mortality rate of only over 2 per cent. The reason may be that the countries allocate treatment resources differently. 繼續閱讀