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As early as 2016, the Smart City Consortium (SCC) that I founded has submitted an advisory paper to the government, pointing out that one of the requirements for a smart city was that all information of the government and authorities be available in “digital by default". It enhances governance transparency and respects the public’s right to know. In early January, the SAR Government announced more than 650 new datasets will be released this year via the Public Sector Information Portal ( for free viewing and use by the public. The move comes after more than 80 government bureaus and departments published their first annual open data plans last year. Such a move fulfills the commitment made by the chief executive in her Policy Address last year. It can also be seen as an important step toward “digital by default". 繼續閱讀

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Recently, Convener of the Executive Council Bernard Charnwut Chan reviewed the city management performance during Typhoon Mangkhut in a local newspaper. He recalled that “the Observatory, the police, other government departments and transportation operators have all released news updates, but we do not have a one-stop platform for people to check the status of bus, MTR, road conditions and public facilities". Therefore, he believes that “it may be a good time to study how the government can collect and use real-time updates on traffic and other service disruptions." 繼續閱讀

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