Disabilities is no bar to dignity – South China Morning Post


A government survey in 2013 put the number of people with disabilities in Hong Kong at around 600,000, some 10 per cent of the total population. These people are also often in low-income groups, as it is difficult for them to find jobs. In Hong Kong, over 500,000 are unemployed, or more than 80 per cent of people with disabilities. 繼續閱讀

冀新特首利用4P 谷創科減對立 – 香港經濟日報



後天,香港就會選出新一任的特首;而近期選舉活動已經進入戲肉,可惜的是,到目前為止創科發展未有成為是次選舉的熱門題目。未來特首施政如要達致活化本港經濟和促進年輕人向上流動這兩大目標,必須推動創科發展,以智慧城市概念為基礎創造新經濟模式,並著力透過土地、人才及資金三方面去施行以下策略: 繼續閱讀

Four-P play for a smart, competitive Hong Kong – Harbour Times



The World Bank’s Smart Cities Conference – held in Yokohama, Japan last month – presented some good examples from around the world on how to use a bottom-up approach with active citizen engagement to increase the chance of success in implementing changes. The audience was interested in learning about the successful transformation of Yokohama through the cities’ many initiatives, such as the development of the Minato Mirai 21 central business district. 繼續閱讀

推廣電子病歷 借鑑外國經驗 – 信報財經新聞,StartUpBeat



近日天氣乍暖還寒,筆者居處附近的診所日日都有人滿之患,路過時看到護士小姐忙於在架上抽出一份份紙張病歷,不禁想到俗稱電子病歷的「電子健康紀錄」(electronic health record,簡稱eHR;或稱「電子醫療紀錄」electronic medical record,eMR)互通的施行。 繼續閱讀

電子健康紀錄互通須更多支持 – 星島日報


三月十三日是一個令筆者既興奮又感動的大日子,因為萬眾期待、籌備經年的「醫健通」電子健康紀錄互通系統(下稱互通系統)已經正式啟用並公開接受巿民登記,目前已有十一間私家醫院登記參與。自○三年沙士爆發開始,筆者的團隊便一直爭取電子健康紀錄互通,其間歷經漫長的諮詢和艱巨的立法等過程,十多年後的今天終於如願! 繼續閱讀

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Nearly one in eight Hong Kong residents suffers from common mental disorders, most frequently mixed anxiety and depressive disorder, a recent study suggests. The Mental Health Morbidity Survey in Hong Kong, published last year, found 13.3 per cent of its respondents – 5,719 Chinese adults aged 16 to 75 – had experienced a common mental disorder in the week just prior to being polled. 繼續閱讀